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David Drummond - Cat and Mouse

Dorking Museum

David Drummond - Cat and Mouse


There are many interesting and curious tales and ideas going back to ancient Egyptian times about man's various and often fanciful interpretations of the relationships between cats and mice. Considering the number of books about cats, some of which mention them as mouse catchers, author David Drummond was quite amazed to discover that no-one had collected together and published all the old ideas and stories about cats and mice, especially in relation to human behaviour. This book is only a partial attempt to make good this omission. He says "only partial", because while putting it together he came across many interesting clues that there were so many other examples out there, that had he followed them up, this book would have never been completed.

David Drummond is a zoologist who was educated at University College, London and Pennsylvania State University. His professional work has been largely concerned with rodent control research and advice, a filed in which his expertise has been used overseas by many aid agencies including the World Health Organisation of the United Nations. Since retiring in 1988 as the Chief Scientific Officer responsible for the UK Ministry of Agriculture's Central Science Laboratories involved in research into Plant Pests and Diseases, he has occupied himself with gardening, overseas travel and writing books and articles on the history of rodent control particularly in relation to the successful development of better mouse traps.

David is a huge supporter of Dorking Museum and donates all of the proceeds of his books to us.

Published in 2012. This book is 43 pages with many coloured pictures.

Paperback. Published in 2012.

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