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Coldharbour Gentlemen by Ann Lee

Coldharbour Gentlemen by Ann Lee

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Written by Museum supporter Ann Lee

Harry Steer just wanted a little adventure. Be careful what you wish for.

 Summer 1800. England is at war with France but in rural Surrey the conflict seems far away: the people of Darking Hundred are more concerned with the harvest and the price of tea.

 Young Harry Steer sits trapped at his desk, cramming with his tutor before being sent away to school. But everything changes when he crosses paths with a band of smugglers sneaking past his house. Soon he's joined their nighttime forays and finds adventure matching wits with the forces of the law.

 At first Harry couldn't be happier with his secret life, but as the net tightens around his companions he discovers the dark side of their illicit enterprise. His summer hijinks turn deadly serious for himself and everyone he loves. Harry will need all his brains and courage if he hopes to break free and find his way back to all that matters to him-home, family, belonging.

Coldharbour Gentlemen is a gripping tale of peril and heroism sure to touch readers of all ages.

Published 2021. 314 pages



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