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Change in the Village by George Sturt

Dorking Museum

Change in the Village by George Sturt


This work by George Bourne, a pseudonym of George Sturt, was originally published in 1912. George Sturt ran a wheelwright's shop in the town of Farnham, in Surrey, but was also a keen writer, producing one novel and several other books on English rural life. This particular work is a wonderful recording of English rural life at the turn of the twentieth century, focussing on the social changes that took place when more affluent sections of the nation's population began moving to the countryside. Bourne describes in detail how the changes affected the poor working class residents and how their lives became evermore precarious due to the influx of the wealthier classes. To compliment the republication of this work, a brand new introductory biography of the author has been added.

Published in 1984. 206 pages.

Donation from a Museum supporter. The book has been stored for a long time, so has a slight 'musty' smell. It has also had water damage - so the book is a little creased.

The book is priced at £3.00

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