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Peter Labilliere by James Lander

Dorking Museum

Peter Labilliere by James Lander


Major Peter Labilliere (1725-1800) is today remembered (if at all) for his eccentric burial; upside down; on Box Hill, near Dorking in Surrey.  

Recent research has uncovered the life of a man who, in a life filled with transformations, was both a wastrel and an exuberant Christian. A friend to aristocrats and an agitator for political reform. A career soldier who opposed his own king - possibly to the point of treason. 

In his own strange way Major Labilliere tried to set the world to rights, but finally declared it to be "topsy-turvy" and desired to be buried upside down "so that at the end of it - he might be right".

This book is 68 pages with black and white photographs. Published in 2000.

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