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Dorking History 2008

Dorking History 2008

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Dorking Local History Group's 2008 Journal.

Donated by a Museum supporter. The journal is in good condition with no marks or inscriptions.

  • John Langden Davies - Kathy Atherton
  • Making History - The Dorking Bombard - Eric J Mansfield
  • The Strange Case of the Amoebic Shape-Shifting Common - Kathy Atherton
  • Tracing the Ownership of Waterlands Farm - Mary Day
  • Flushed with Success? - Mary Day
  • A Narrow Escape - Kathy Atherton
  • Is This Dorking? - Jane Austen and the Watsons - Kathy Atherton
  • The Two Pageants - Renee Stewart
  • Twenty Years after on Dorking's Model Farm - Pam Hunter
  • Tommy Warner - A citizen of Dorking - Nigel Evans


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