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Rural Rides Revisited by Laurence Vulliamy

Rural Rides Revisited by Laurence Vulliamy

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"This book explores in words and photographs three routes, ridden by William Cobbett more than 150 years ago, that anyone in search of the original English countryside can drive and walk today. In the early 19th century Cobbett traversed the south of England on a horse. Robust and polemic, he was a passionate upholder of traditional rural self-sufficiency, so threatened then by the grip of agricultural and industrial revolution. His Rural Rides survive with meaning for our time. We too want to savour and protect our diminishing countryside. 

Laurence Vulliamy records three of these rides today. His and Cobbett's narratives run side by side with evocative and lively photographs, contemporary etching, maps and directions."

Published in 1977 and reprinted in 1998. 175 pages with colour / black and white photographs and pictures.

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